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Dauphin Island’s Only Chance for Shoreline Restoration Project

Dauphin Island feb 09 095

Dauphin Island’s severe erosion problems are well documented.  Various factors have been attributed to the cause of this erosion.  Regardless of the cause, all coastal experts agree that Dauphin Island is literally “starving” for sand.

A weakened Dauphin Island should be of great concern to all Alabamians, particularly those  who live, work, and recreate along Alabama’s Mobile County coastline.  As Dauphin Island continues to diminish in size, it becomes more susceptible to breaching during storm events.  This exposes Alabama’s largest expanse of coastal estuarine marsh, principal oyster reefs, shallow water estuarine habitats, and coastal communities to the full force of storm driven waves.

Various efforts have attempted to seek a shoreline restoration project.  However, it has become clear that our elected leaders are unwilling to make available the needed Federal or State funds.  In August 2011, the Town of Dauphin Island completed an engineering design study.  All that is needed now is the funding required to construct the project.

Following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP made available $1 billion to pursue Early Restoration projects along the Northern Gulf Coast.  Of that amount, $100 million was set aside for the State of Alabama to use.  The Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA) Trustees have requested comments be provided by February 14 on preferred projects.

The NRDA funds appear to provide Dauphin Island’s only chance to receive a shoreline restoration project. Letters in support of this project are critical to the success of Dauphin Island getting the funding. Let them hear from you today. Visit the following link and send them a message. Our beaches are depending on it.

Virginia Shanahan
Mayoral Candidate, Dauphin Island, AL

Letter submitted  February 4, 2012 to the National Resources Damage Assessment(NRDA)Trustees


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