Dauphin Island: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

Ask Virginia: I heard you’re a member of Island Watch. Are you?

I am not and never have been a member of Island Watch. All of my memberships are listed on my biography page.  That being said, if Island Watch chooses to endorse me, I will gladly accept their support as I will gladly accept the support of any other group or any individual on our island.  It is my sincere hope that before election day is reached, I will be able to win over all of our citizens as supporters.  I want everyone to know that what I want is for Dauphin Island to reach its full potential as a place to live, work, and recreate.

If elected to mayor, I will be committed to bringing unity to our Town so that we can move forward together in a positive manner.  Our community is too small and our challenges too great to allow the many divisions that have historically separated our citizenry into various factions to continue to create animosity and distrust.  It is time that we eliminated the existing divisions and bring our people together.  I believe differences of opinion are healthy in reaching decisions, but we need to be able to discuss those differences in an agreeable and positive manner as we chart our Town’s future.  As mayor, I will perform my duties in a completely transparent fashion and with the complete honesty that our citizens deserve.

I will work tirelessly with all island citizens and groups, with the goal of bringing our total community together in a harmonious fashion.  I plan to draw upon the immense talent base that resides within our community and/or owns property on our island.  I will remove existing cliques of power and avoid establishing new cliques in their place.  Further, I assure you that the most talented citizens will be appointed to the various boards and commissions that input into our Town government, regardless of the current views of those individuals about me.

 As mayor, I will assure everyone has an equal voice in and access to their Town government.  Everyone will have the opportunity to serve in some manner, if they have the interest and required talent and experience.  No voice or concern will ever be too small.  No preferred status will ever be granted.  No special favors given or accepted.  No special treatment provided.  New ideas will be appreciated.  Respect will always be given.  And, professionalism will be a required way of life.


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