Dauphin Island: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

Ask Virginia: What do you consider to be the most important issue facing the island at this time?

Our island is facing many challenging issues. One’s personal perspective and interests determines how he/she ranks those issues. As mayor, I will be elected to address all of these issues and will not be able to concentrate on only one of them.

Some of the issues that I believe to be of extreme importance (in no particular order) to our community that must be addressed and resolved is shoreline erosion, debt and deficit spending, lack of transparency and honesty, poor town image, west end parking issues, divisive leadership, unequal enforcement of ordinances, unnecessarily intrusive ordinances, and a failure to fully utilize our greatest island resource that could help solve some of our problems – the experience and knowledge of the people living within our community.

Many of these issues are interrelated and can be addressed in a concurrent fashion if appropriate planning and coordination of efforts are undertaken.  For example, to some degree, shoreline erosion, west end parking, and improvements in our Town’s image can be attacked at the same time.  Another example deals with changing our Town government’s prevailing leadership style to become more inclusive in order to take greater advantage of the many talented people residing within our community that are prepared to volunteer their time.  Such an approach would foster greater transparency and honesty and help to bring our entire community together.

As our mayor, I see how successfully meeting the above diverse challenges can result in improvements within our community that will improve its attractiveness as a tourist destination.  This will bring in greater revenues that will not only help us manage with a balanced budget, but also improve Town services, produce local jobs, and create a more stable business climate that would benefit everyone living on our small island paradise without materially changing its basic characteristics that we permanent residents find so appealing.


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