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Ask Virginia: The nasty comments being made by the supporters of the current mayor are bothering me. Why don’t you delete them?

I am reading your Facebook page. The nasty comments being made by the supporters of the current mayor are bothering me. Why don’t you delete them?They aren’t even about relevant issues. They are obviously jealous insecure bitter women. Do you even know them?I do.I have known a few of them for many years. They are part of the clique you talked about doing away with when you become mayor. So they are trying to protect their territory and being darned devilish while they do it – which is how they operate naturally. Don’t they know the best way for their candidate to win his race is for the mayor to run an actual campaign of his own?

They are also jealous of you. You are young, smart, have common-sense,beautiful, have a nice figure, and dress well. They know their men find you attractive and they feel threatened. Most of these women (like me) have seen their youth and beauty fade. Their fading beauty has only served to enhance their ugly soul, and you serve to remind them of their days past.

Anyway,I have lived here for almost 25 years,and after speaking with you for a long time the other day,reading your website,and after seeing their behavior and disgusting treatment of you,after reading some of the nasty comments you have been subjected to (obviously half-truths or flat out lies),and hearing some of these comments whispered in public places,you have my vote.You are a true class act, a highly intelligent, brave, tenacious, vibrant, beautiful woman, and one tough cookie. I will be proud to call you “Mayor.”

Thank you for your kind words and support.

As for why I do not delete their comments, your letter is one reason why they remain. Should they become too nasty or disruptive, or if I receive many more complaints (and yours are not the first) I may do so. But for now I plan to leave them. It would be very easy for me to delete such comments and allow only the more positive ones to remain, but I want everyone, even my critics, to know that I am sincere when I say that “honesty”, “integrity” and “transparency” will always guide my work as mayor.

By being open to everyone, I sincerely hope that those individuals who presently do not know me, or do not support my candidacy, will begin to allow themselves to consider and evaluate where I stand on the issues of importance to Dauphin Island and compare my positions with those of the existing mayor who has held that position for 14 years. I agree that Mr. Collier should have certainly gained experience in the years he has served as mayor. But the larger question is: Has our community really benefited from that experience? The evidence indicates that over the last 10 years, Dauphin Island has experienced an overall decline in population, numerous failed businesses, poor job opportunities, and a stagnant quality of life. While we all want to preserve the quaint life style that makes our community unique and comfortable, the desirable features of that life style can be maintained even in the intelligent pursuit of “smart growth” techniques that are tailored to enhance tourism which is the backbone to our Town’s financial well being.

Our island community is facing real problems and I intend to concentrate my efforts in learning what residents think about those problems and explaining how I will address and solve them as mayor. I encourage everyone to put aside preconceived opinions about me and instead make an honest attempt to get to know me, the principles on which I stand, and what I will do to help manage our community to move forward. While I admit it is a lofty goal, I sincerely hope that I can sway most of my present detractors before election day on August 28.


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