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Fed Audit Shows Dauphin Island Owes $900,000


By – John D. Watkins – NuzzApp Reporter

Town of Dauphin Island officials are promising to keep better post storm filing systems in wake of a Federal audit. For the last six months auditors from the Inspector General’s Office has been pouring over the Town’s records covering recovery work following storms, Katrina, Gustav, Ike and Ida.

The audit revealed the Town has to reimburse about $900,000 in state funds. The mistake was attributed to “overpayments” made to the Town. However the Town will only actually have to pay back $400,000 because the State has yet to pay $500,000 the Town is owed for post recovery efforts after Hurricane Ida.

Another troubling item in the audit was the lack of the Town getting the needed number of bids for road repair projects following Hurricane Katrina. The Town had solicited bids to do the $900,000 in work but received just one bid. Now, according to Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Town should have had “A Cost Estimate” done to make certain the single bid was “Reasonable.” The Town did not get that “Cost Estimate” at the time so now it has to work with the county to determine what the “Reasonable” costs would have been in 2006.

The audit also reveals that after Hurricane Ida, through the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, the Town applied for $103,000 to improve drainage on the West End at the intersection of Bienville Blvd.and Raphael Semmes. The Town recived those funds, but never moved forward with the drainage project because FEMA officials never responded to the Town’s request.


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