Dauphin Island: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

A Message from Virginia

Election Day is almost here. Before walking into the voting booth, I ask that you consider the following.

I decided to run for mayor because of my sincere belief that I can help our community. As a candidate, it is my job to show you, the voters, where I stand on the issues and why you should vote for me. It is my job to educate and inform. My campaign has attempted to do just that.

Our Town, community, and island face very real and significant problems. Many of our residents were not aware of these problems until they received my newsletters or spoke with me directly. Facts can be uncomfortable. I am in the business of gathering and presenting factual information. I understand well the necessity and importance of being accurate and honest in the presentation of facts in order to make informed and correct decisions.

The information my campaign has worked so hard to bring to you has been for the purpose of sharing with you what I have learned about our Town so you can make an informed decision. The intent is not to imply or allege any form of fraud or illegal behavior by our existing Town administration.

When you vote next Tuesday, consider the path forward you want our community to take. Your vote should be about improving management of our Town, overcoming our increasing debt, eliminating overreach by the Town into activities best left to the private sector; keeping our residents better informed; and creating a more inclusive Town government where every citizen is allowed and encouraged to participate.

Our Town has a real choice between mayoral candidates. Our voters can decide if they want to continue business as usual. That path has already seen our community stagnate and decline over the last decade. Besides my own observations, I have talked with numerous residents who say this is not the same island they bought property on and moved to years ago. They note the loss of restaurants, failed businesses, decreased population, depressed property values, lack of services, absence of jobs, and the consistent failure of Dauphin Island to gain a better share of public funds.

I frequently hear “we don’t want to be another Gulf Shores and Orange Beach”. However, we must recognize that managed growth is essential for any community to thrive and prosper. I believe it is possible for us to maintain Dauphin Island’s quiet island character while developing a “brand” that will make more tourists want to visit and spend their money here. To do that, our community must provide something special to attract tourists and make their experience here memorable. Currently, our community is still searching for the “brand” that will make us truly unique among the many coastal destinations that are available. I strongly believe that I can bring fresh ideas to the table to help make our Dauphin Island more marketable, boost our economy, and maintain the quality of life that we all hold dear.


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