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A Challenge Going Forward

In what turned out to be a record turnout, Mayor Jeff Collier won re-election with 75% of the vote. I received 21% and my dear friend Shawn Perloff 4%. With an estimated 66% turnout of registered voters, we all won.  Congratulations to Mayor Collier and the other candidates who won their races yesterday.

I want to thank my campaign team and my dedicated supporters.  I hate to name names because I have met so many wonderful people I know I would inadvertently leave out the name of someone who was very important to our campaign, so I am going to limit my thanks to Glen Coffee, my campaign manager. Glen, during the long hours of research, writing, and strategizing, you have become a dear friend and source of inspiration.  I am very proud of us. I love you.

When I decided to run for mayor, I told my inner circle that win, lose, or draw I was bringing a horse race to this town; No one would walk into the mayor’s office without having to work for that honor. We did just that and I am very proud. However, as stated by Glen, “a lesson was learned that future candidates on Dauphin Island should know: While our team concentrated on the issues, Mayor Collier concentrated on getting votes.”

I am so proud of the campaign our team ran. Using only factual information and data obtained from Mayor Collier’s record, we remained issue based throughout. His supports claim I ran a negative campaign. If holding Mayor Collier accountable for his decision-making is considered “negative,” then color me guilty; GUILTY AND PROUD. We brought true and fact-based information to the home of every individual on this island on a regular basis. That was a campaign technique that was previously unknown in our community and it has inspired many usual silent voices to become engaged going forward and to stay informed about how their Town is run.

Hopefully, no matter how you voted, you will remain engaged in the workings of our Town government. It is your inherent right as an American to question your government and how you are governed. Exercise it. Be persistent. Ask questions. Challenge.  Demand accountability. Most importantly, be vocal. Be not afraid. And do not back down.

As for me, I am spending more time with my family, preparing to begin my final semester of college, and going back to work, but before I do, today, I plan to do something for me. I am going to cut my grass, if the rain will let me.


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