Dauphin Island: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency


  • As a member of the new 10-seat Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council, I will fight for Dauphin Island’s share of the Restore Act funds for environmental and economic projects. I will assure our requests for funding are well prepared and competitive.
  • Make restoration of our entire Gulf shoreline a major priority. Every available resource will be used to obtain Restore Act funding for that effort. Shoreline restoration is vital to our very existence.
  • Pursue long term relief for our eroding shoreline. This requires a major change in the way the Mobile Ship Channel is maintained. The solution lies within the Alabama State Port Authority. Federal law specifies that the Corps can change the method of channel maintenance if the Alabama State Port Authority will pay the incremental cost. Leadership is needed to develop a strong coalition of political interests to target Montgomery.
  • Require fiscal responsibility. I will assure a balanced budget is provided to the Town Council for approval each fiscal year – no more planned deficit spending. I will monitor the status of the budget and post the results each month on the Town’s website. I will consistently work to control spending and reduce the Town’s debt.
  • Passionately promote tourism, including within our immediate area in which over 400,000 people live within an hour’s drive. No longer will all our advertisement money be spent in north Alabama that primarily enriches PR firms. I want our local business to benefit more from local day visitors than they presently do.
  • Review existing contracts. Eliminate those do not provide measurable benefit to the Town. Require monthly progress reports to justify payments.
  • No longer use lobbyists. Your elected Town officials should be the best spokespersons for our community in working with our State and Federal leaders.
  • Place a moratorium on all future land purchases by the Town.
  • Remove the Town from responsibility of all costs to implement the Aloe Bay Project. Detail design, construction, marketing, and management costs should be borne by the private sector and not the Town. Our community is too small to assume the financial burden of this expensive project. The potential for failure is not an option with which we can live.
  • Sell the Town’s West End beach house. No longer compete with private rental market.
  • Foster a business friendly environment that streamlines process to establish a new business.
  • Equally enforce all laws and ordinances with no preference being given to anyone.
  • Appoint residents to the Town’s commissions and boards based on talents, experience, and judgment. No one will be excluded from consideration and no one will be given preferential treatment.
  • Explore private options to reopen Town Health Clinic and establish a community center.
  • Propose that Town residents be allowed free access to Town owned beaches since our local tax dollars are already paying for the beaches.
  • Unify our island community.